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New Brown Belt and Blue Belt!


Huge congrats to Dan "The Pool Guy" Astarita! Dan just received his brown belt tonight at our Huntington location. He's been training with us for about 8 years. Not only is he a loyal longtime student of the academy, he is also the program director in Huntington. We are glad he's part of our team and we can't wait to award him with his black belt one day!

Also promoted tonight to blue belt was Matthew Colasanti. Matt was actually our very first student from our kids class over 8 years ago! He's now 16 and under BJJ ranking rules, can hold the rank of blue belt. Glad to have yet another loyal longtime student training at our academies!

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“Going to class is not just a workout when you’re motivated by your training partners and instructors to become better at the art of jiu jitsu every class.”

– Brian Axelrod, Serra BJJ Blue Belt

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